Paws for Thought Farm Canine Event Center is a comfortable, well-equipped and safe canine event center for clients to learn, practice and compete in canine competition events.  

Paws for Thought Farm Canine Event Center is owned by Sue and Bill Rady and is located in Groton, New York. Sue, a long-time dog owner and lover, is now an avid student of canine training and loves to train with her 7-year-old Dalmatian, Buddy. 

In April 2013, Sue and Bill purchased 73 acres of land located at 322 Smith Road in Groton. During 2013, much effort was put into clean-up of the property. Construction of the building was completed in 2015. The facility has hosted numerous training classes and seminars, as well as AKC, CPE, USDAA, ASCA and UKI agility trials. 



June 2015  

Wonderful facility. Wonderful family. Extremely clean and professional. The equipment is perfect and they make sure everything is up to par.

About Paws for Thought Farm


An exciting new venue for dog sports! Looking forward to spending time in this beautiful new facility!

Paws for Thought Farm


Nov. 2016